SnapChat: Looking out for the little guys

There’s no doubt that SnapChat is one of the most popular social media platforms with millennials and we have all been guilty of using a snapchat filter and geotag. While its no secret that businesses can create these filters to advertise their brand/company/product, what you didn’t know is SnapChat is now making it easier for small businesses to advertise on their platform.

After all, with great power, comes great responsibility. Responsibility to help other small businesses advertise to their target groups of consumers.

Image result for great power great responsibility

So what are they actually doing?

SnapChat is making it easier to show where you are, while supporting local businesses. Launched as a trial in NYC, showed the geofilter with the name of a business over the name of the city, which is proudly displayed over your very own snaps.

If you tap on the filter, a list of register nearby businesses, shops and cafes can be shown on the screen.

For example, Mashable Headquarters in NYC showed nearby businesses Anthropologie, The Parker Gramercy and Union Fare.

I know what you’re thinking.

‘This is the same as Instagram’s Location feature.

Yes, that’s true. However, at this point aren’t Instagram, Snapchat and Facebook all merging into one? They keep taking what makes one unique and modifying it for use in their next update.

Snapchat geofilter vs Instagram geofilter

The main point of this article is how social media can be utilised by small businesses. I know, from personal experience, how many cafes my friends and I have been to from a  photo of smashed avocado. You would have no idea where you could get that if there was geotag or location involved.

Overall, I think this kind of social media input is something that is beneficial to small businesses. It allows them to compete on the same playing field as the larger chain stores as the prices for their tag is a reasonable expense that can be factored into almost every marketing budget!

While your here … 

Has anyone else seen SnapChats new update. It basically changes the very essence of SnapChat. Now you can send photos and videos without a time cap.

Gone are the days of 10 second nudes.

This isn’t the only change. They are also adding looping videos, emoji doodling and a ‘magic eraser’ (which is basically photoshop in an app).


 Look. It’s not perfect but it’s easier than photoshop. Plus, it will save many girls from having to take a photo, import into photoshop, make all the necessary edits and then post it on the relevant social medias.
We shall see if it takes off or if Instagram adding filters to their features will be the death of snapchat. It’s looking like Insta can do everything you can SnapChat.
As Abby Lee Miller says:
Image result for everyone's replaceable gif

So what are your thoughts?
Do you think SnapChat location will help smaller businesses gain new customers?
What about the new SnapChat update?
Or even do you think snapchat may be past its hay day??
Let me know in the comments down bellow!

6 thoughts on “SnapChat: Looking out for the little guys

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  1. To be honest, most of the social media story functions nowadays are very much alike. Look at facebook story, insta story, snapchat and even whatsapp has it now. But what makes snapchat so special is really the time limit that it has, it makes things so much well “special”. Like I can remember days when I just couldn’t be bothered to text, all I do is snap and show what I am doing or feeling etc. The application of filter is amazing but with the location service, it’s becoming more and more like instagram and facebook. I can’t really work out the difference nowadays to be honest. If only there were this common platform where you post to this app and it automatically updates all your other social media accounts “stories”. It’s really coming down to which social media accounts of you have more “audience” to decide which one to use I think for the future remarks. I don’t think snapchat function will really gain as many business as people are more accustomed to instagram or zomato apps for that aspects.

    But what do you think, would you still use snapchat? or would you consider changing sides.


    1. Hey! I completely agree. I think Snapchat is loosing its momentum as larger social media platforms incorporate similar features. Honestly, I rarely use Snapchat now. I think unless they have a major resurgence, by the end of the year, Snapchat may go the way of MySpace.


  2. I love this. As I am apart of a few small businesses, I do believe this is important and always make sure to tag the location on Instagram posts and stories. My boss loves if we all check-in at his new studio to make as many people aware of it as possible!


  3. A lot of my friends are moving from snapchat to instagram stories for some reason and now facebook implemented “facebook stories” (which almost none of my friends even use it, it feels like non-existent). Anyway, what I’m trying to say is, a lot of users are being dragged from snapchat to instagram and does that makes snapchat less useful? Maybe less useful is a bit rough to say, even when snapchat trying to innovate and create better and new features instagram will most likely to copy or maybe even create something better? In my opinion, for a small business it would be better to use instagram story compare to snapchat as it has wider possibilities. What do you think? anyway great blog!


    1. I think you are right. When SnapChat was first introduced I think it would have been a better platform to engage with consumers. I think Instagram is easier for businesses to use as it allows your engagement to last longer than the 10 seconds or 1 day it is posted. Thanks for your comment!


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