Flower Crown, Dalmatian face … Maccas application?

Like many millennial, I am somewhat addicted to Snapchat.

The fact that you can send a 1-10 second photo or video to your friends and then have it delete means you can do crazy photos without having blackmail against you. Well for the most part.

Kim Kardashian & North West with the Flower Crown Snapchat filter (E! Online)

However, one unexpected feature that came out last Friday was the new Maccas filter. This filter shows the user with a McDonalds ‘uniform’ – name tag and hat.

I was sitting around, procrastinating when I stumbled across this filter. At first I thought it was another sponsored filter, something many companies have done in the past. However, this was no movie ad.

This was a ‘Snaplication

This means that Snapchat users can apply for a job with the fast food giant through the app. After filming yourself for 10 seconds, the company reviews your ‘casual’ application and sends you to the McDonald’s hub to make a formal application. You still need to go through the traditional recruitment process, interviews etc, but this gives young people the motivation to apply for a new job.

McDonalds new Snapchat application (News.com)

McDonalds is the largest youth recruitment in the country. They employ about 106,000 people in Australia with 65% being under 18 years old.

Snapchat has more than 4 million daily users in Australia, with 82% being young people.

It makes sense that the two would combine forces to help recruit youths.

So what does this mean for marketers?

Snapchat is fast becoming a favourite for marketers as it has a high concentration of the youth audience.

For marketers hoping to attract the attention of youths, Snapchat does seem to be the place to be. However, it should be noted that more than 80% of Snapchat users between 18-24 skip ads. I for one never watch them. Snapchat is not a platform that users consume news on, instead its a place that users communicate with friends.

While this innovative way to get users to apply for a job may seem like a good idea on the surface, I wonder how successfully the campaign truly is. It doesn’t seem likely that many youths would follow through with their call to action, and instead just take a funny photo with the filter captioning it with ‘a glimpse into my future.’

That saying maybe I am just getting old and don’t understand the ‘youths’ of today.


So what do you think??

How successful do you think this campaign would be? Or would anyone actually apply on Snapchat??

Let me know in the comments below!

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5 thoughts on “Flower Crown, Dalmatian face … Maccas application?

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  1. Great post Alex! I reckon even if teenagers don’t directly apply for the macca’s position, the one thing it definitely does is stimulate conversation around employment in general. For young people looking for a first job who may have not even thought about work in general, this filter can bridge that gap and really help them look for a source of income. Given maccas are the first to do this, it really does give them a first mover advantage over other employers


    1. That’s a good point Ivan. I think as Snapchat is used so heavily by youth it will begin a convocation about applying for their first job, even if it isn’t McDonalds. It still stumps me how companies are trying to appeal to youths through an application that they used to just have fun and joke around. It seems like an odd choice of platform.

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  2. Brilliant find this! I rarely actually use snapchat filters but I can easily see how this would generate some hype. I think it could create a considerable amount of publicity for Maccas, but in both good and negative ways… Way I see it, it becomes even easier to take the piss out of the not-very-glamorous McDonald’s frontline employee position.


    1. I found the same thing. I didn’t even realise it was a job application and was just joking about my ‘future.’ It does bring a lot of publicity with a specific target audience, which in the long term may be beneficial for Maccas long term employment goals.
      Thanks for the comment!


  3. Great read Alex!
    This whole thing about Maccas and Snapchat is news to me as i’m not a heavy user of snapchat. But I definitely am intrigued at the concept as a new way to target the younger audience. Christian commented about the impact the idea has on Maccas, but what impact do you think it’ll have on Snapchat? Do you think its users will dismiss it like any other ad and think nothing more or will it cause severe lashbacks at the company?
    That leads on the the question.. do large successful companies such as Snapchat have to worry less about the other paid advertising they have over smaller companies relying on the paid advertising as a key revenue source?


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