360-degrees of Terror

Ads are something I tend to ignore, seeing as we are constantly bombarded with ads on social media, restricting us from viewing our desired content until the 30 second ad is complete. They got to Facebook. Then Youtube. Then Instagram.

And here I thought SnapChat was safe.

However, Snapchat has surprised me with a new ad viewing experience. Whilst aimlessly scrolling through my SnapChat stories, the new movie Don’t Breath was being advertised.

Now I know what you’re thinking. Oh God, just tap and move on. But I was hooked.

You see, instead of the usual 30 second trailer, Don’t Breath has utilised a 360 degree camera, giving the viewer a sense of the terror of being in the movie, and for an a person who likes to get scared, this was awesome.

If you can watch it on your mobile phone. It’s way cooler to be able to try and find the action, while not knowing what’s hidden around the corner.

Sony Pictures is now the first company to utilise a 350-degree video within a SnapChat ad, allowing users to interact with the environment. The movie involves three young burglars who target a blind man, who pursues them through the house, in the dark.

Aaron Wahle, senior vice president of international digital marketing at Sony Pictures Entertainment, has stated that “Audiences increasingly expect more from us, and, as a result, digital marketing departments now have more access to provide higher quality content to satisfy this thirst for engaging content through the mobile phone. This, in turn, means that more thought must be put into activities across the board—it’s not just about one-sheets and trailers anymore, but about creating incredible experience.”

The 360-degree experience is quickly gaining momentum, being used to promote TV show Stranger Things, as well as the Paranormal Activity.

I, for one, love this new movie experience.

What do you think about using 360-degree camera to advertise movies? Does it stand out more than the traditional trailers?

Let me know in the comments below!

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Snapchat’s First 360-Degree Video Ad Is For Sony Thriller ‘Don’t Breathe’



2 thoughts on “360-degrees of Terror

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  1. Great post Alex!

    With 360-degree cameras becoming popular to advertise movies, how feasible do you think the same concept is to be implemented in other industries? and if so, which ones?


    1. Hi Ivan. I think 360-degree cameras can be useful to a range of industries, especially those with a need for visual representation. I can defiantly see charities utilising this new technology, to show potential consumers the hardships people face and how their money/resources/time help to change that.


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