Why I left Buzzfeed

So spoiler allert: I never worked at Buzzfeed. In fact I rarely watch buzzfeed anymore. Except for Buzzfeed Unsolved and Worth it. They are quality videos. What I want to talk about is the creative ways which these content creators are marketing themselves after leaving the company. As part of my assignment for Digital Marketing I... Continue Reading →


SnapChat: Looking out for the little guys

There's no doubt that SnapChat is one of the most popular social media platforms with millennials and we have all been guilty of using a snapchat filter and geotag. While its no secret that businesses can create these filters to advertise their brand/company/product, what you didn't know is SnapChat is now making it easier for... Continue Reading →

Thank god for a trash box

When I check into my emails, the last thing I look at is my junk email. The name explains it all. It's pretty much just junk. At the time when I signed up it may have been important but now, weeks, months or even years later, these emails seem irrelevant. Email Marketing is one of... Continue Reading →

Is Freemium even free?

  So late last year Pokemon Go was the most addictive app to come out in a long time (well since Candy Crush). Not only was it nostalgic to all us 90s kids, but it was free, a word that is music to my ears. I mean who wants to pay for an app? However, Pokemon... Continue Reading →

360-degrees of Terror

Ads are something I tend to ignore, seeing as we are constantly bombarded with ads on social media, restricting us from viewing our desired content until the 30 second ad is complete. They got to Facebook. Then Youtube. Then Instagram. And here I thought SnapChat was safe. However, Snapchat has surprised me with a new... Continue Reading →

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